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weather begins to pound the coast. >> lauren demarco is live in ocean city this morning with the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. definitely feeling those bands that tucker was talking about so the rains starting to pick up more. as i was waiting for the live shot, it was a lot lighter. now getting heavier. the wind picking up. we have seen a little bit of of that sea foam coming across the seawall and i did see a wave crash over it here near 16th street. police still patrolling the boardwalk. they are will continue to do that until the sustained winds reach 50 miles per hour if they do get that high. we are seeing wind gusts up to 47 miles per hour. earlier, we headed over to the pier and pier still standing. there were some rumors that it had collapsed. there are definitely waves crashing against it and at time over it. also, a lot of flooding. effect shut down south of 17th street. it is closed and also mandatory evacuations under way in that area although we were told that about 200 people did stay so they are hunkered down in their homes. the ocean city mayor
. this is the beach town of breezy point. basically one of the lowest points of new york city. -- take a look at these amazing pictures. the fire has gone for six alarms. we will keep you updated throughout the morning. superstorm sandy slam ad shore last night. at least 13 are reported dead. >> and over 5 million or in the dark. schools from virginia to maine are closed again today and there are states of emergency declared in eight states n new york city, transportation officials are worried about seawater flooding some of subways. >> another tough day for commuters ahead. once again, metrobus service and train service will not run this morning. an announcement on when service will be restored will be made later on today after metro is able to assess the damage from sandy. also, metro access service will remain suspended all day tuesday. now, customers can check metro service status by phone. the number to call is 202-637- 7000. >>> thousands of people are without power this morning so can you imagine with this storm. dominion virginia reporting nearly 118,000 outages. pepco dealing with ab
a thunderstorm too if you are south and east of the city later this afternoon as the showers move through. bring an umbrella. not going to be raining every minute. temperature at reagan national, it is in the 60s. very comfortable. 66degrees this morning in washington. 64 in new york. cooler to the north and west and that cooler air will start to work its way back in later tonight. here is your forecast, lots of clouds around. a few scattered showers. highs, we'll go 72 in washington and 75 in leonardtown. that way be the warm spot. you can see 60s north and west of the city later this afternoon. >> okay. thank you. >>> time now to hit the roads with julie wright. good morning to you, julie. >> be careful. they may hit back. may hit bac wisdom were we were ou at butler's orchard over the weekend. saturday is the day we picked. we should have gone yesterday. yesterday was warmer f you haven't had the chance to take the kids there, it's lot of fun. >> okay. >> and get on the hayride too. >> we'll talk about your pumpkin later. >> i haven't carved it out yet. hard to put tucker's face on it. i'm wo
and west of the city. get out towards front royal and down towards culpeper, a couple of light sprinkles and showers. that is the worst of it this morning. still a lot of clouds to start your day. i think by the noon hour and by the afternoon, we'll start to see a little sun working in from time to time. so believe it or not, kind of -- was that your chair? >> yes, my chair keeps squeaking. >> i thought that was like a ghoulish d. >> you never heard that before? >> temperatures right now, 43 in washington. 40 out at dulles. 41 at bwi marshall. i thought it was like a cat or something. >> you are easily distracted. >> trick or treat weather, temperatures will be falling back into the 40s after 5:00 p.m. so it will be cool for the ghosts and goblins and again, we should be dry so that is good news. >> sorry for the sound effects coming from our direction. i apologize. let's check in with julie wright. >> i'm anxious to hear what kind of sounds are going to pop up now. we're listening closely. on the roads, again, we are still dealing with standing water. it blocks route 4. a portion of rou
spike that includes the city's first murder of the year. early sunday morning, 36-year- old lamont ellis was found shot dead in an alley. friends and family members gathered at a vigil last night and while fox 5 was working the story, shots rang out nearby. officers raced to that scene. it turned out to be a street fight involving 15 to 20 people along west south street. one person was stabbed and is in serious condition. no word for the two incidents are related. >>> a local university professor killed in a tragic accident in northwest. a driver hay medical emergency and lost control of her vehicle. she hit professor rhett leverett as he stood on the sidewalk at sixth and e street. he taught history at marymount with an emphasis on european history. he was 60 years old. >>> protesters will continue today to mark the one-year anniversary of the occupy d.c. movement. protesters will hold a veteran march at noon at freedom plaza as well as a protest tonight in front of the bank of america on vermont and l street. yesterday, protester marched on freedom plaza to the commerce building. they
and west just north and west of the city for overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're cool this morning. let's get started with it right now. 4 in washington. check out all the 30s breaking out. lots of clear skies and what we call radiational cooling. look at all those 30s. 37 in manassas. 38 at dulles. 36 in frederick. very cool temperature here north and west. looking at a bright sunny day today. generally sunny skies. we'll have a few clouds, cold front off to the north and west. you can see the cloud cover and a couple of showers. the showers will stay north of us again but the cloud cover will get in here later this afternoon. at least a few clouds. you will notice the winds and they will pick up behind this front out of the north and west gusting to about 25 to 30. we'll still have the breezes with us during game time tonight. the actual air temperature may be 50 but i think it will feel cooler than that later tonight. overnight tonight as the winds subside, our temperatures will bottom out so coldest night of the season here set to arrive early saturday morning. 65
happened early this morning in eastern afghanistan in the city of khosh near kabul. check out this video. early reports say a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle loaded with explosives crashed his bike into a patrol of international and afghan forces as they exited their vehicles. the troops were preparing to patrol the market area. officials say the taliban have claimed responsibility for the many booing. live at the news desk, tony tull. aaron and angie, back to you. >> tony, thanks. >>> police are investigating a shooting in northwest. it happened after 10:00 last night at new york avenue and north capitol street. police found a man shot in the arm and a woman shot in the leg. they are expected to be okay. no word yet on if the shooter has been identified. >>> a traffic alert for drivers this morning. work on a major street scape project on "u" street begins today. crews will begin digging trenches along the half mile of "u" street between 9th and 14th streets. new sidewalks and drainage will eventually be put in there. that work was supposed to begin in june but was delayed because of
in with julie wright in a little bit. >>> the washington city paper is taking a stand against the redskins, not the team, the name redskins. >> the city paper is not going to use the name of the football team in its coverage. instead, it turned to readers and took a poll to come up with something else and what they came up with was the washington pig skins. >> it is not new. we were specifically motivated in this particular instance by a blog post that the public editor of the kansas city star had written a little while ago reminding their readers of why that paper doesn't use the name. that ran a couple of weeks ago. we had been talking in the newsroom at city paper for a while about how a lot of us find the name troubling and we started talking about that article and realized we don't have to use the name either. >> so you conducted a poll, right, among your readers? what is the end result here? >> we solicited suggestions for reads are for names we could use instead. the kansas city paper just calls the team wash. we thought the team should have a name. we solicited suggestions. we took
job jetting around the country, giving speeches, raising money in san francisco to new york city while trying to raise taxes on virginians, maybe there wouldn't have been over 100,000 jobs lost in virginia. >> recent polls show tim kaine leading george allen by more than four points. >>> if it sounds like a bad idea, then it probably is especially when you think about getting into the ring during a bull fight. >> coming up next the frightening scene that left many people -- >> why, people, why? barack obama and the liberals s $4,000. >> we're checking on that coming up next. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. [ knocking ] oh, no, i got to go. oh, can you make that to go? these days, nobody has time to get sick. but minuteclinic makes it easy to get well. our nurse practitioners can diagnose and write prescriptions for ever
in this country. >> reporter: a bomb plot in new york city just blocks away from the world trade center has some people on edge. >> i don't like it. i was here for 9-11 and my -- we were affected that whole day. i didn't want to relive any of that. >> reporter: authorities arrested the 21-year-old on wednesday in what the fbi calls an elaborate sting operation. officials say the bangladeshi man has tied ties for a terrorist organization. -- ties to a terrorist organization. >> he was a strong supporter of the al-qaeda in the arabian pence which operates out of yemen. >> reporter: police say he set out to detonate a car bomb outside the federal reserve building in manhattan. aas it turns out, the device was a fake planted by undercover agents. the fbi has released a statement that reads in part, quote, it is important to emphasize that the public was never at risk in this case because two of the defendant's accomplices were actually and fbi source and and fbi undercover agent. the fbi continues to place the highest priority on preventing acts of terrorism, end quote. the man and in federal court
say he would likely receive a papal pardon. >>> a huge plume of jet smoke rises above the city of winnipeg, canada. a fire at a racing fuel warehouse created this seen monday and into tuesday. there were reported by 17,000 gallons of indy car and graying racing fuel in the facility. that is a lot of smoke. >>> the international space station on the move to avoid a possible collision. >> up next, detail of what is set to happen thursday morning. first, here is tucker. >> we've got fog across the area. visibility is reduced to about a quarter mile in many spots. you want to look out for that. julie wright will have a look at your traffic. i'll have a look at your weather coming up in just a couple of short minutes. [ may ] el centro is located in the east end of houston. our basic services are healthcare. we have been driven by the needs of the community. what is it that they can't access? and then how can we provide access to those services? ge came in with the tools and the skills to make it even better. ♪ [ may ] because of the ge foundation, we've been able to see 2,000 mor
the city. we love the ballpark. we love the fans. >> reporter: if the nats can advance to the national league championship series, can you start buying your tickets this morning at 9:00 a.m. two tickets max for each game at nats park can be purchased online. a limited number of standing room only tickets will be made available to buy on the day of each game day at the box office. but wisdom and sarah, this is uncharted territory for your nats. your first ever home game right here at nats park. for the first time in 79 years, we've got playoff baseball here in d.c. this place will be rocking. we'll be here all morning long. let's get back to the studio for now. >> thank you. >>> new this morning, a former campaign aide to mayor vincent gray who pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators back in may will be sentenced later on today. howard brooks admits he gave under the table payments using fraudulent money orders to then minor candidate in the 2010 mayor's race suleiman brown. brooks could face six months in jail but prosecutors said they are open to allowing probation. >>> forme
now consider limiting extra large servings of sugary drinks like the one passed in new york city. the idea is to cut back on health risks like obesity and diabetes. beth parker takes a look at the hot button issue. >> it is almost like a war. >> reporter: but maybe a war worth fighting according to d.c. council member mary cheh. cheh says is in the next few months she will be talk to her fellow council members about battle wig soda. >> in terms of children in the district of columbia, particularly in certain areas, as men as half the kids are obese or overweight. >> if the issue is that kids are drinking too much soda, it is up to parents to reduce that amount themselves but that is really a decision that parents rather than mary cheh and the d.c. council should make. >> reporter: new york city recently implemented a ban on large sugary drinks and in a debate over the weekend, d.c. council members michael brown and vincent orange said they would support a similar ban. >> this is not something we can ignore. i know that people say nanny state, nanny state. if there is a serious pu
of the city. this particular radar, a little aggressive. there are some scattered showers out to the west and up 270. as you get down 95, we are getting smore activity as well now. we'll have the threat of showers in the forecast for the first part of your day as we watch this frontal system, same front, same system we've been talking about for a couple of days. this is the back end finally working through. you can see the back end of the moisture back into west virginia and then the cloud cover back into ohio and this will continue to kind of march east here, trudge east very slowly during the course of the day. we should see gradual improvement late this afternoon with cooler winds and drier air working in from the north and west. hang in there. just a couple of showers early today and then the clouds kind of hang tough here for the morning hours. by this afternoon, here we are at 4:00. we are starting to get break in the clouds. as you are watching out to the west, you will likely be partly to mostly sunny. we'll clear out very quickly later this evening and that will allow the cooler
require the cfo give the results of all internal audits. this cops after the city's chief tax appraiser resigned this week under fire for lowering commercial property tax assessments apparently without cause. >> i think they've been burying bad news. i think he has an oio, this office of internal investigations that, will conduct these internal reviews of policies and procedures and when they see things that may or may not be what they want the public to see, they just don't move them. they don't finalize it. >> questions have also been raised about information on the now farmer chief tax appraiser's resume. his hiring is considered another saint on the internal workings of the cfo's office. >>> changes under way in georgetown. businesses coming and going. >> including some discount stores in the works. we'll get i full report on that coming up next. stay with us -- we'll get a full report on that coming up next. stay with us. paid 14% in federal taxes, is that fair to the guy higher rate than you did? romney: "yeah, encourage economic growth." us. is that the way to grow america? this
. look at all the 30s. we are generally in the 30s north and west of the city. 37 in gaithersburg. frederick too. 37 in manassas. 36 in martinsburg and winchester. the clear skies allowing a lot of cooling. we should see highs back into the 70s. there is your satellite-radar. that is what you call a quiet weather pattern. don't have much to talk about and won't for several days. eventually, the high pressure will anchor itself off to the east and much like a bermuda high in the summertime, give us a southerly flow during the middle of the week. good news is we'll stay sunny for the next several days. if you like warmer temperatures, this is a kind of time of year you look forward to. 72 today. that is nice. sunshine, a mild afternoon for you. winds out of the north and west at about five. we'll be cool tonight, 55 with clear skies, cool conditions and light wind. the southerly wind will allow the warmer temperatures in here the next couple of days. lots of sunshine tomorrow. 78degrees. near 80 on wednesday. look at that. just beautiful through the end of the week. next chance of
of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. on-timetraffic. >>> they've already sparked protests in new york city subway system and now some controversial ads that refer to radical muslims as savages are going up in several metro stops here in our area. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the u street station with the details. good morning. >> we don't know exactly what time the controversial ads will go up except they are supposed to be up by court order by 5:00 this evening and they are expected to be particularly visible. one ad in just four stations that will be around the metro system and metro police say they are ready in case anyone decides to protest them. test t a new york woman was arrested for trying to spray paint over one the anti-jihad posters when it went up in a new york subway station. to some, the ads equate muslims with savages. >> i will continue to nonviolently protest hate and that is hate. >> reporter: pamela geller with the american freedom defense initiative won the right to hang posters which read, in any war between civilized man and the savage, support civilized man. support i
mitt romney will also be in virginia visiting chesapeake. ng chesape >>> our big story, d.c. city leaders are looking for ways to save drivers in the district a few dollars by proposing to lower the fines for speed camera tickets. they hope the move will eliminate the belief that speed cameras are only used to make money for the district. karen gray houston is live now with more on that story. >> reporter: good morning. if it seems as if big brother is watching you, he is. mpd has added more speed cameras to more locations. some of them are fixed. some of them are those vehicles that they can move around and track your speed? these cameras right here on 16th and kennedy streets are fixed. some motorists have learned how to anticipate them. police say they placed the cameras based on incidents of speeding, related fatalities and crashes, proximity to school zones and known sites for chronic speeding. what is before the council today is a proposal to lower fines that can range from $57 to as -- $75 to as much as $250. >> if we are going to put cameras all over the city, then we foun
localized t could be here up to new york city, out to the west y you said in this area, at this point, you didn't think we would get hurricane force wind? >> i don't think it is likely we'll get hurricane force wind here in the immediate metro area but we could get close. we could get 50, 60-mile per hour winds. it could be a sustained period of winds so -- >> that can do damage. >> any of you around for isabelle, it caused lots and lots of damage. the potential is there. again, there is a lot of talk about the storm, a lot of possible scenarios and don't panic yet because it is not set in stone. >> don't go buy five million things of bread is what you're saying? >> well, i don't give advice on bread shopping. >> or toilet paper shopping. >> please don't buy it yet. i haven't been there. >> don't go get it until sarah has hers. that is the important thing igot some extra at my house. >> the important thing is you get the right kind. >> oh, my goodness. >> here is the radar picture. that is the latest with hurricane sandy. a category one hurricane. maximum winds 80 miles per hour pushing of
a little over two week to go think the candidates candidates >>> coming up, a murder in new york city, is there a link to the d.c. sniper killings from 10 years ago. details about lee malvo left at the scene as we check more headlines. stay with us. rachel and sam have a house. now they want a home. a home where everything feels like it's designed just for them. where the styles they love fit into the wallet they have. big or small they want furniture that makes life better. that's why they visit us. we're more than a home improvement store. we're ikea, the life improvement store. get ready for a feeling of clean like nothing else. extreme clean from aquafresh. it showers your whole mouth with rich micro-active foam. thousands of germ-killing bubbles seek out hard to reach places and help kill the sources of bad breath then rinse clean away leaving a cool tingling that just won't quit extreme clean from aquafresh. take the feeling of clean to the extreme. >>> penn state is asking a lawsuit if you would by a former assistant football coach to be put on hold. mike mcqueary is claiming d
. this is happening in the resort city of elat. the suspect is still inside the hotel near the red sea. we'll bring you updates on this story as soon as we get them. a >>> virginia is front and center if the presidential race. president obama will be in northern virginia this morning. he is speaking to students at george mason university. his campaign says the president will talk about the choice facing voter between two fundamentally different visions of how to grow the economy. mitt romney is back in the commonwealth this morning. he and his running mate paul ryan were at an event in the shenandoah valley. he is looking to build momentum after the debate. >>> a health alert now about a rare form of meningitis. officials say it has now spread to six states killing five people including one each in maryland and virginia. 35 cases have been reported across the country of fungal meningitis. doctors say it taxed the lining of the brain and the spinal cord. all of the infected patients received steroid injections to treat back pain. doctors suggest the steroid was likely contaminated and say it is not
because they called the city to complain about the woman parking a huge rv in her driveway. i love it. that is hilarious. i think it is funny. >> it is funny but -- iguess if someone goes by and they have a small child in the car. mommy, why is your name on the tombstone. >> drama. you need to make good with the neighbor. >> bury the hatchet. >> just not in their backs. >> right. >> coming up, hurricane sandy pounding cuba with deadly force. we are staying on top of that. >> is part of that storm on a path to our area in we're checking in with weather in just a moment. also, the thursday morning commute. stay with us. we'll be right back. . >>> a powerful category two hurricane, sandy, bashed cuba this morning and is now aiming at the bahamas. two people died in haiti and jamaica last night. parts of florida are under a tropical storm warning and, if it turns north, it could come up the east coast and mick with colder weather to bring snow to the northeast and possibly rain for halloween, that is right? >> no, before halloween. the snow would be in the mound it be as out to the west.
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22